Cereria Molla | 1899

    At Cereria Molla we know how to create handcrafted luxury perfumed candles using aromatic elements capable of transmitting sensations. 

    Original Recipes, Handmade in Spain.

    Fragrances made with natural ingredients of our land, respecting the original recipes that have passed from generation to generation giving fruit to a range of unique aromas capable of evoking emotions.

  • Bergamotto di Calabria

    Warm Mysore Sandalwood combined with the vigorous freshness of Bergamotto di Calabria lends nuances of Cardamom and Lemon that transports you to the Mediterranean Island.

  • Raspberry & Black Vanilla

    Sweet combination of Madagascar Vanilla from the valuable black fruit with a heart of wild Raspberry.

  • Tea & Lemongrass

    Lemongrass from the West Indies provides a lively atmosphere, with the perfect combination of Tea we get the serenity of the environment.

  • Amber & Sandalwood

    Spicy aromatic essence with fresh citrus leaves accompanied by persistent sandalwood and musk. Its sweet musky smell and a light touch of woods is perfect to sweeten the aroma of your home.

  • Basil & Mandarin

    Fragrance that provides an initial energetic chord mix of the citrus notes of Lemon, Lime and Tangerine, accompanied by a predominant floral aroma of Ivy and White Jasmine, with a seductive finish thanks to its woody oriental notes.

  • Velvet Wood

    Explosive combination of spicy and aromatic chords where the spices merge with lavender to achieve an extreme and deep mix. Tobacco adds masculinity to the composition. The vanilla softens the tobacco tones at the base and adds a comfortable and comfortable look to the fragrance.

  • Black Orchid & Lily

    Complex fragrance that captivates with its green notes and its fruits full of naturalness. A spicy combination with a base composed of musk and woody notes gives an elegant touch to the fragrance..

  • Bulgarian Rose & Oud

    Fragrance of sweet floral aroma. The darker rose of Damascus, rich and velvety, is wrapped in smoked Oud wood.

  • Moroccan Cedar

    Addictive and captivating fragrance of spicy, woody and sweet mixtures that make it unique.